A Career At Cogmedix Means More Than Just Manufacturing

medical-device-manufacturer-anti-static-smocksManufacturing careers are on the rise in Massachusetts, and the demand for talent is growing daily. As a leader in the medical device manufacturing industry, Cogmedix utilizes several techniques to stay at the head of the pack. One of the most important daily rituals for Cogmedix Caring Associates is the morning meeting, known as “going to Gemba,” where associates from all levels of the company come together to coordinate and communicate their daily successes and challenges, as well as provide updates as projects progress across different departments.

Gemba has revitalized communication and brought the morale and enthusiasm of Cogmedix’s Caring Associates to an all-time high. Not only are tasks completed more efficiently through this enhanced communication, but associates are recognized for achievements that occur throughout the day, and take satisfaction in the chance to solve challenges and interact with management in a collaborative group setting.


Breanna, Program Manager: “Gemba is a phenomenal practice conducted here at Cogmedix daily allowing all caring associates to gather, touch base, and review both the day’s and week’s activities and actions at hand. It promotes awareness, real time action, and most importantly camaraderie amongst all associates.”


Alex, Associate Project Manager: “Gemba is very useful because it gets every associate and all departments completely in sync for that day. It’s a great opportunity to identify challenges and figure out tasks to execute, all while making sure that everyone is on the same page across projects and departments. It also serves as an opportunity to recognize associates who have gone above and beyond to improve our processes, and to highlight their accomplishments.”

024.jpgCharles, Assembly Technician: “Gemba helps management to listen to concerns and suggestions which help to provide critical information on gaps and inefficiencies in the production process. It also helps associates to feel important as their suggestions are considered in management decision making.”


Ann, Quality Associate – Inspection: “I enjoy Gemba for important daily and company information. It puts all employees on the same page, and it makes it much easier to work towards a goal as a team if we all know what that goal is. The Gemba leaders do a great job of keeping it interesting, and at times even fun!”


Dave, Quality Engineer: “The daily Gemba meetings are a great opportunity to review Quality issues with the entire team. It is the perfect venue to call attention to trends that have been detected on the floor or to simply remind people about the fundamentals of Good Documentation Practices and our overall Quality System.”

A career at Cogmedix means more than manufacturing cutting edge medical devices; it means being part of a team, having a voice, and creating a community. Are you ready to start your career in manufacturing? Contact Cogmedix today to submit your resume and start bringing medical technology to life.