Medical Laser Types

Cogmedix operates with a versatile knowledge base and flexible manufacturing system, allowing us to fulfill virtually any laser integration task. Cogmedix has a great deal of experience working with all major laser types used in the medical field, including those just entering the spectrum of commercial use.

Diode Lasers

Diode lasers are used in a variety of significant medical applications, such as photodynamic therapy, diagnostics, and surgical treatment. Diode laser technologies offer many advantages. They minimize blood while operating, reduce swelling, and eliminate pain. They can also be used for coagulating blood vessels, cutting tissue, and removing cancer cells.

Solid-State Lasers

A typical solid -state laser consists of two components (optics and electronics) integrated into a single box. A cavity featuring spherical mirrors at each end is filled with a crystal medium, which then focuses injected light into a bright, high-intensity beam. This mechanism can be used for soft tissue surgeries in dentistry, ophthalmology, and dermatology.

Gas Lasers

close up of optical laser components

Optical Laser Components

Gas lasers uses a mixture of gases contained inside a small chamber. After applying a voltage from an external source to the chamber, the atoms in the gas are excited, producing a light in the process. Because water absorbs this frequency of light very well, gas lasers are useful in surgical procedures. They are prominent in laser facelifts and skin resurfacing and are currently being explored as an alternative to sutures and welding tissue.

Dye Lasers

Dye lasers use a dye as a medium, most often in a liquid solution. They are used in many medical procedures, including the treatment of vascular lesions, laser angioplasty, thermolysis, urology, and diagnostics.

caring associate handling optical medical device component

Optical Laser Subassembly

To meet the demands of OEM customers, Cogmedix offers integration solutions for all of the aforementioned laser types and more. No matter your needs, Cogmedix provides high-quality products while meeting the most rigorous FDA compliance standards. Using our vast network of established vendors, we can guarantee our ability to access the various materials necessary to create the most cutting-edge laser products for any application.