Worcester, MA – 19 July 2016

Cogmedix, a wholly owned subsidiary of Coghlin Companies Inc., established in 1885, is proud to announce that Medizone International, Inc., (OTCQB: MZEI) has selected Cogmedix as their turnkey medical device manufacturing services provider for the AsepticSure® Generation III hospital disinfection system.

This partnership is the culmination of months of collaboration. Medizone Chairman and CEO, Edwin Marshall, was elated with this milestone and stated, “In Cogmedix we have contracted with a seasoned FDA medical device manufacturer with a depth of supply chain resources and the expertise to ensure the highest quality product is delivered, while also carefully controlling manufacturing costs. We’re convinced Cogmedix will enable us to meet significant increases in product demand as we enter the US market and also serve manufacturing requirements for international markets as AsepticSure® puts an end to environmentally caused hospital-acquired infection worldwide.”

Cogmedix Executive Vice President and General Manager, Matt Giza, shared Marshall’s enthusiasm. “Cogmedix is very excited to be a part of the impact AsepticSure® will have across the globe. The need for this technology extends well beyond hospitals. We are thrilled to be a key part of its commercialization.”

Units manufactured by Cogmedix will meet the growing demand for greater than 6-log (>99.9999%) disinfection in hospital rooms and other critical infrastructure across the globe.

The AsepticSure® process demonstrates a previously unobtainable level of hospital room disinfection within normal workflows while demonstrating immediate and dramatic reductions in new hospital- associated infection rates. AsepticSure® is the only hospital disinfection system that can guarantee a kill of infective pathogens, both bacterial and viral, of greater than 6-log (>99.9999%) throughout the entire room, and can independently verify it using the same FDA recommended testing products used to confirm surgical instrument sterilization in autoclaves.
About Cogmedix

Cogmedix is a team of talented Caring Associates that brings OEM medical technology to life. Providing turnkey medical device manufacturing services to a broad range of medical and dental OEMs, Cogmedix delivers high-quality products to market with compliance, competence, and commitment. Cogmedix provides a high level of flexibility in product launch and demand management and aligns itself with innovative companies that maintain similarly high standards in honesty and integrity. Cogmedix is a subsidiary of Coghlin Companies, Inc., a privately held concept-to-commercialization firm spanning four generations. Visit Cogmedix and sign up for the e-Newsletter at
About Medizone

Medizone International, Inc. is a provider of patented low dose ozone based disinfection systems. The AsepticSure® hospital disinfection system, which is used in disinfecting hospital isolation rooms, surgical suites, emergency rooms, and intensive care units, as well as other enclosed spaces, such as gym locker rooms, laboratories, and veterinary clinics, establishes a new gold standard in disinfection technology by completely eliminating infective pathogens from the entire space treated. By eliminating the reservoir of infective pathogen, the treated space then remains safe until another infective pathogen is reintroduced from the outside. This breaks the chain of reinfection that hospitals globally continue to suffer through today. AsepticSure greatly reduces operational costs through the savings associated with treating far fewer HAIs. Medizone was founded in New York in 1986 and is now based in Sausalito, California.