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Cobham Surveillance DTC Products is a global designer and manufacturer of wireless audio and video communications, satellite systems, and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) products for defense applications. One of their divisions builds sophisticated printed circuit boards which are used for receiving or transmitting signals to agents or agencies. This equipment is used by law enforcement and military customers around the world.

Several years ago, Cobham Surveillance DTC Products contacted Coghlin Companies to discuss the immediate transition of the entire assembly and test of a new complex antenna and transmitter/receiver device to a contract manufacturer. Rapid ramp up of manufacturing and flawless quality was required as the customer faced the challenge of an aggressive government delivery deadline.

Military and Defense Contract Manfacturing Co-build

Coghlin Companies’ contract manufacturing division, Columbia Tech, immediately initiated a co-build at the customer’s location and at Coghlin Companies’ Worcester, MA facility to quickly understand and assume responsibility for the required assembly and testing of the product being transitioned. Coghlin Companies’ team of senior assemblers and RF Test Technicians worked with the customer to red-line existing drawings and enhance assembly and test documentation, assuring a smooth transition from in-house manufacturing to a contract manufacturer. Coghlin Companies teamed its quality assurance personnel with the DTC Products team to duplicate the customer’s inspection process on-site. Coghlin Companies also replicated the customer’s existing functional test equipment to increase throughput of finished product and eliminate any chance of experiencing a bottleneck at test.

Transparent, Responsive, and Accountable Service

Working with Coghlin Companies was a significant success for DTC Products. DTC Products considered Coghlin Companies very easy and flexible to work with. DTC Cobham appreciated the rapid access to senior management if necessary and the open door policy with the owner, something that is quite unique. Quality was managed with weekly communications between DTC’s QE and Coghlin Companies’QE allowing for a quick reaction time to any potential trends. Additionally, process improvements were also discussed during these meetings. Working with Coghlin Companies and through Coghlin Companies’ processes allowed DTC Products to react and adapt to the required frequent product changes at the engineering level and at the production level. Still, what was most relevant to DTC Products was on time delivery of the product, build quality and the net effect on the bottom line.

Successful Production Ramp-up and Delivery

Within two months, Coghlin Companies was able to ramp up and deliver 500 units to DTC Products. Outsourcing the manufacturing of the products to Coghlin Companies allowed DTC Products to greatly reduce the product cost. DTC Products recognized material savings from reduced head count, lower cost of manufacturing, and a reduction in the cost of testing facilities.

Our Client Saved Money and So Did Their Customers

dtc-accent1DTC Products’ commitment to supporting their customer with lead technology products continues. Coghlin Companies continues to support DTC Products meeting and exceeding all product specs. Military and law enforcement agencies and other authorized parties continue to rely on DTC Products to complete their missions.

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