The Wall Street Journal and many other news organizations are reporting that reshoring is a growing trend. Reshoring is the process of bringing manufacturing that had been taken overseas back to the USA. While over the past few years companies have realized the risk and limited rewards of producing overseas, many companies that moved production overseas are considering bringing it back or have already brought it back.  Does this mean domestic manufacturing is where it’s at?

It’s no doubt American manufacturers are adding jobs at a fast rate and US multinationals are slowly becoming more selective about what products they consider having built offshore versus on-shore or in-sourcing. When it comes to the manufacturing of complex technology products that need to get to market at warp speed, it is important to have a trusted manufacturing partner with great flexibility and is close to home. Let’s face it, the United States is the cornerstone of the worlds’ innovation.

American manufacturers are the answer…Why you ask? Because you can trust them, and when you partner with them you gain immediate access to a strong talent pool of well-trained laborers and skilled technicians. You also gain a lean and efficient supply chain maximizing automation, stringent intellectual property protection and confidentiality, and a culture engrained with safety, compliance and high quality.

America is a highly cost effective place to have your products manufactured and manufacturing growth will continue as more and more innovation companies sprout up in the US and seek partners to produce their inventions who understand the balance of cost, time to market and intellectual property protection.  Domestic manufacturing is where it’s at and onshoring is a trend we will see continue to grow.

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Chris Coghlin
CEO, Coghlin Companies