“Spectro Scientific and Coghlin Companies initiated our partnership some four years ago. In the midst of that relationship, Spectro embarked on an aggressive acquisition path, and in parallel, divested many facets of our internal manufacturing operations. Throughout that process, [Columbia Tech] resources had our back every step of the way, assuring seamless transitions of multiple complex products without any interruption in our ability to deliver to our customer base. The Coghlin team understands flexibility, attention to detail, and the true meaning of partnership—all assets we truly appreciate.”

Susan Austin

Supply Chain Contractor Spectro Scientific

“Columbia Tech not only meets all of our printed circuit board requirements, they continuously exceed expectations. No matter if it’s a quick-turn opportunity for engineering validation or a full-volume production, each job is met with the same level of detail and importance. For well over a decade, Columbia Tech’s printed circuit board operation has become a valued resource and a trusted source for all of our printed circuit board needs.”

Bob Cameron

CM Manager, Cynosure

“My experience with Columbia Tech has been positive. I interact with many suppliers on a daily basis and Columbia Tech is one of the most professional. The team at Columbia will do whatever it takes to get the job completed on time, whether it be a quick-turn prototype or parts for our production line. I would recommend Columbia Tech to anyone looking for a contract manufacturer.”

Jennifer Buchanan

Buyer II, Advanced Instruments