PCBA Testing Services

Columbia Tech’s dedicated PCBA facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art testing and verification equipment. Finished PCB Assemblies are checked for proper component placement and functionality with a variety of methods including AOI Inspection, In-Circuit testing, and X-Ray inspection.

PCB Assembly Undergoes Visual Inspection

ICT and Functional PCBA Testing Ensure PCB Assembly Quality

Columbia Tech (CT) is highly process focused with an adherence to J-STD-001 standards. All PCB assemblies are verified for part-placement accuracy; the use of critical checks such as signal integrity, functionality and performance to test specifications are fully incorporated into our PCBA testing procedures. Comprehensive PCBA testing capabilities include functional PCBA testing equipment and in-circuit testing (ICT).

PCBA Testing with Multi-Step Verification

To ensure the highest quality, Columbia Tech provides functional testing and in-circuit testing (ICT) services. Our test technicians and Caring Associates are highly skilled, well-trained and will assemble and inspect to IPC-610, IPC-620, and J-STD-001 standards. Our printed circuit board facility and assembly processes have been audited and certified to these standards.

Once a PCBA is fitted with all necessary components and passed through the SMT assembly line, it is verified for compliance with customer CAD data using an AOI machine. Boards with bottom terminated components will go through x-ray inspection to ensure part-placement accuracy. Each assembly may then be subjected to in-circuit testing and/or functionally tested to customer specifications by a dedicated staff of test technicians.

The functional test stands used in the above process can be as simple as a set of electronic measuring devices on a workbench or as complex as a six-foot, rack-mounted, integrated testing system. While many customers choose to provide functional test equipment, Columbia Tech’s engineering staff has full capabilities to design and build customized functional testing systems.

PCB Testing Capabilities

Our experienced engineering team processes CAD data and partners with a highly capable test development firm to create in-circuit programs and develop test fixtures and procedures. Columbia Tech confirms that the quality of all printed circuit board assemblies are in accordance with the customers’ expectations. Testing equipment and capabilities include:

  • ICT: GenRad TS87L Tester
  • Full functional testing: digital, analog, RF
  • Design and implementation of product testing
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All PCBA testing and inspections are performed by experienced associates and are individually marked and recorded for accurate traceability. For more information on PCBA testing and inspection services at Columbia Tech, please contact the business development team.

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