Positive attitudes and kindness make going to work a pleasure.

When I accepted my job at Columbia Tech in 2005, everything about it felt right, from the smiles and positive attitudes of all I met to the beautiful old brick building.

I had no idea what contract manufacturing was all about, so on my first day I was given a tour where I saw people working on the smallest circuit boards to much larger machines that did things unknown to me. Over the years I have gained a better understanding of the business and enjoy learning more each day. Only recently did I make it over to one of our other facilities to check out a couple of our newest projects and what a shock it was. The size alone blew me away, along with all the tubes, meters and other gadgets that are part of it. Those “large” machines I saw on my tour five years ago are small in comparison to some of the things we are building today. I am amazed at the range of product we build and how it seems no matter what our customers need, we can always get it done.

Setting aside the “coolness “of all the things that we do here, there is nothing better than coming to work each day and witnessing the kindness and caring of the family that owns Columbia Tech and Coghlin Companies. Each and every day, without fail, they are positive, they are smiling and they sincerely care about the people who work for them.

A whole other dimension outside of the actual contract manufacturing business I have been privileged to see, but which is not always visible to others, is the giving. The list of charities they are involved in is long, but two impress me most. First is the 15-40 Connection which was founded by Jim Coghlin, Sr. It raises cancer awareness in those between the ages of 15 and 40 years whose survival rate for cancer has remained nearly stagnant for the past 35 years. Second is The Mark R. Ungerer Memorial Golf Tournament which has raised many millions of dollars for cancer research over the past 24 years.
I have been fortunate to volunteer at this event with others from the Coghlin Companies and witness generosity from so many of those who attend, something I could not have imagined had I not seen it for myself. These people who provide employment to hundreds also choose to spend untold hours of their personal time giving to those in need. They believe in sharing their time, talent and treasure, and they do it all year long.

Five years later I am happy to say my first impression has become a lasting impression.

About the Blogger:

Donna Mazialnik is an Executive Assistant at Columbia Tech, a Coghlin Company.