Printed Circuit Boards

With decades of experience in design, assembly, and verification of printed circuit boards, Columbia Tech is a flexible, customer-focused resource for printed circuit boards of various volumes, mixes and complexities.

Total Turnkey Solution for Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

Columbia Tech is a flexible, customer focused resource for printed circuit boards of various volumes, mixes and complexities. Columbia Tech’s special printed circuit board subsidiary, CT Circuits, has decades of experience in design, assembly, and verification of printed circuit boards, and is committed to delivering defect-free printed circuit board assemblies of various sizes and complexities.

Printed Circuit Board

Columbia Tech provides high quality domestic PCB Assembly.

Columbia Tech offers quick turn prototypes through volume production using the flexible work cell methodology, enabling us to rapidly react to your requirements. Design for Manufacturability feedback is offered to our customers to reduce the opportunity for defects and increase overall production yields.

Columbia Tech specializes in both small, very dense RF communications modules and very complex through-hole and surface mount assemblies and is able to seamlessly process customer CAD data and generate placement machine programs.

Diverse printed circuit board Manufacturing Capabilities

Columbia Tech specializes in the production of through-hole double-sided surface mount and mixed technology boards using the selective wave process. Using redundant, networked assembly lines, Columbia Tech produces high quality assemblies using both a lead based soldering process and a lead-free, RoHS compliant process, depending on each customer requirement.

Columbia Tech has expertise in 0201 component placement, as well as very dense RF communication modules and complex printed circuit board assemblies, including BGAs and micro BGAs. We process CAD data, create in-circuit programs, generate placement machine programs and develop test fixtures and procedures to validate the quality and functionality of all printed circuit boards in accordance with our customers’ expectations.

To assure the highest quality, Columbia Tech provides X-ray, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), and In-Circuit Testing (ICT) services. Our production associates are highly skilled, well trained and assemble and inspect to IPC-610 standards. Printed circuit board assembly processes are compliant to J-STD-001 and the facility has been audited and certified to this standard. Additionally, Columbia Tech can produce high quality printed circuit board assemblies using either a lead based soldering process and/or a lead-free, RoHS compliant process.

Eliminate Costly Printed Circuit Board Re-Spins

Columbia Tech is engineering and process focused with an adherence to the J-Standard. Columbia Tech has incorporated the use of critical checks such as signal integrity, thermal limits, power consistency, DFF and DFA analysis into our procedures. We remain focused on managing our customers’ entire suite of printed circuit board assembly and engineering needs.

Reliable Rework

Even with automation, BGA rework remains a mixture of art and science requiring a high degree of skill. Columbia Tech has a number of BGA-focused technicians with a broad range of skills, including component removal; replacement and salvage; x-ray inspection; circuit modifications; repair of BGA pads and repair of solder mask at BGA sites.

Additional Capabilities

    • PCB layout
    • Schematic design and simulation
    • Capture translation & simulation
    • PCB artwork generation
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Materials Declaration Management
    • Aqueous and no-clean processes

BGA Repair Equipment

  • AirVac DRS-25 BGA Rework Station
  • Glenbrook RTX-113 X-Ray System

General PCB Services

  • PCB Layout
  • Schematic design and simulation
  • Materials Declaration Management
  • Fine pitch placement to 15mils
  • Chip placement down to 0201
  • BGA and CBGA down to .8mm
  • Automated fine pitch connector placement
  • Aqueous and no-clean processes
  • GenRad In-circuit test, AOI, X-ray, flying probe (fixtureless ICT test) and functional test

Design Tools

  • Mentor Graphic PADS PCB Layout
  • ViewLogic Schematic Capture Translation and Simulation
  • PADS Library, Schematic Symbol, and PCB Footprint Translators
  • PCB Artwork with CAM350 and Mechanical Documentation

Equipment Listing

  • MyData MY15 Flexible Placement Machine
  • MPM UP1500 Automated Screen Printer
  • Electrovert Bravo 8105 Reflow Oven
  • Electrovert Econopac Gold Wave Solder Machine with External Spray Fluxer
  • MyData MY100DX-14
  • Electrovert Omniflex7 Reflow Oven
  • Hollis GBS Mark III Wave Solder Machine
  • Aqueous Technology SMT600 Cleaner
  • Mirtec AOI Machine
  • GenRad TS87L
  • ISO, RoHS Compliant Solder

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Quick-turn prototyping
    • Flexible turnaround time
    • 3 to 5 days from a complete material kit & complete documentation
  • Dock-to-stock distribution
  • Kanban manufacturing
  • JIT manufacturing
  • Automated high-volume assembly
  • SMT-automated pick and placed assemblies
  • Statistical process control
    • SMT and through-hole assembly mixed components assemblies
  • Conformal coating services
    • Urethane
    • 2-part epoxies
    • Paralyne finishes

Process Capabilities

  • No clean chemistry
  • Water soluble chemistry
  • RMA chemistry
  • Ionic contamination testing
  • Manufacturing for customers with high impedance requirements
    • Ionic contamination requirements of less than 6.5 g/square inch
  • Wave soldering and selective soldering
  • Auto insertion
  • Multiple board finishes including HASL, nickel-gold, and immersion tin
  • Ball Grid Array (BGA) rework, re-balling and inspection services using x-ray
  • Interconnection and packaging consulting
  • Process development

SMT Assembly Capabilities

  • Single-sided component populated boards
  • Double-sided component populated boards
  • Single-layer rugged/heavy construction
  • Multi-layer complex and handling sensitive boards
  • Flexible circuit assemblies
  • Low-volume to high-volume manufacturing
  • Fine-pitched QFPs and passives
  • Plastic, tape, and ceramic ball grid arrays (BGA)
  • Chip scale packages
  • Fine-pitched SMT connectors
  • Assembly capabilities span
    • 0201 passives
    • 0.3mm QFPs
    • 0.5mm CSPs at one end of the dimensional scale to 1,180 pin BGA
  • High-density BGA
  • High-density, complex SMT
  • High pincount interconnect
  • High I/O BGA
  • Direct chip attach
  • Chip scale attach

Through-hole assembly capabilities

  • Axial component sequencing
  • Automatic or semi-automatic insertion
  • Manual/mechanical assembly
    • Application of staking, nuts/bolts, riveting and studs

Box Build Capabilities

  • Full systems integration
  • Sub assemblies and complete system assembly
  • Power supplies
  • Full product testing: digital, analog, RF, mixed technologies
  • Configuration management
  • Finished goods stocking programs
  • End user order fulfillment capabilities
  • Final system integration
  • Circuit design
  • Board design from schematics
  • Mechanical and product design
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Prototype and volume board assembly
  • Design and implementation of product testing
  • Warranty and repair services

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