Comprehensive PCBA Services

Columbia Tech leverages manufacturing expertise and rapid time-to-market strategies to provide comprehensive PCB assembly services that will get your products to market ahead of the competition.

Columbia Tech offers expert guidance to clients navigating the potential challenges of successfully launching new products into the market. The early preproduction stages of a product’s life cycle can be difficult, as product designs typically undergo perpetual growth and development. Columbia Tech has the experience and knowledge required to adapt and respond to design changes and material needs while maintaining adherence to production schedule requirements.

Expert PCB Engineering and Design

Columbia Tech offers comprehensive engineering support, from preliminary design analysis through integration and global fulfilment. Columbia Tech will provide design for manufacturability (DFM) feedback for new PCB assemblies to optimize layout and reduce opportunities for defects allowing for higher first pass yields

A dedicated staff of PCBA experts will work with your engineers to define compliance requirements, which can have a profound effect on component selection and architectural methods. They will generate a simple block diagram-that will outline the major components and sections of the circuit-and then propose a methodology for obtaining functional and cost-effective parts to complete the assembly.

Hand soldering components on a printed circuit board at Columbia Tech

Columbia Tech will work with your component specifications and approved vendors or provide a review of your bill of materials (BOM) that includes cost-conscious suggestions for obtaining parts with shorter lead times. Taking advantage of Columbia Tech’s years of experience in cultivating supply chain relationships will help you obtain the right components at the best possible prices.

Reliable and Accurate PCBA Testing

Columbia Tech verifies the integrity of every PCBA Testing they produce. The PCBA Testing production associates at Columbia Tech are highly skilled and will inspect to IPC-610 standards, incorporating critical checks such as signal integrity, thermal limits, power consistency, and DFF and DFA analyses. PCBA Testing methods utilized at Columbia Tech include x-ray examination of multilayer boards, automated optical inspection (AOI), and in-circuit testing (ICT). Customer-provided testing equipment can also be easily integrated into the PCBA Testing quality inspection process; Columbia Tech also possesses a core capability of designing and fabricating PCBA testing equipment.

Small PCBA being integrated into a dental device at Columbia Tech

World-Class PCBA Production and Full System Integration Services

Columbia Tech’s certified PCB assembly facilities produce printed circuit boards of all sizes and levels of complexity, including single-sided, double-sided, mixed technology, BGAs, and micro-BGAs. Customer CAD data is easily processed to generate machine-placement programs utilizing Columbia Tech’s fully equipped High Speed Surface Mount Technology (SMT)-automated machines.

The caring PCBA production associates at Columbia Tech provide the added benefit of long-term experience operating within a company that specializes in full system integration. They are focused on the quality and functionality of your PCBAs and understand that every PCBA is intended to control the operation of a larger, complete product.

A large PCBA integrated into a medical research device at Columbia Tech

Full system integration and PCBA production with Columbia Tech allows you to reduce overall cost and expedite time to market without sacrificing quality. With their extensively educated and well-rounded engineering group, Columbia Tech is a “one-stop shop” that can help you tackle every potential challenge of introducing a new product to market-including full system integration. Whether seeking a high-quality manufacturing service provider to produce PCB assemblies or a full-service manufacturer who can also integrate and build complete products, Columbia Tech is able to provide the services you need.


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