Design for Engineering

Columbia Tech is the industry leader using flexible engagement options from multi-phase product development to engineering controlled production.

Pre–Production Design and Engineering

Columbia Tech Product Development and Prototyping

Columbia Tech is the industry leader using flexible engagement options to provide companies and
entrepreneurs with services from multi-phase product development to engineering controlled production, and even quick turn services for clients preferring to direct the project themselves. Columbia Tech is known for assisting innovative companies to bring products to market in a timely and cost effective manner in accordance with mutually defined expectations.

A Seamless Extension of Your Organization

Columbia Tech can assist in areas such as product development where resource bandwidth is required or assist your company to prepare and transition products from concept or prototype through pilot production and into cost effective, well documented, scaled manufacturing. An additional option is having Columbia Tech assign resources according to your needs and under your management. Columbia Tech will provide space, people, tools and materials as requested by the customer in a very flexible and cooperative manner all in accordance with your requirements.

Bring Your Product to Market in the Most Cost Effective and Timely Manner

Columbia Tech goals are aligned with yours. Beyond product design, development, engineering, and prototyping, Columbia Tech facilitates you to generate a long term return on investment by using Columbia Tech contract manufacturing, global component procurement, logistics and field support services. Additionally, Columbia Tech knows that cost is relevant. Columbia Tech shares overhead and a run with extreme efficiency enabling a very competitive rate structure, typically 25-50% discount to market engineering service rates. Throughout the life cycle of your product(s), Columbia Tech will help you
manage and drive down production costs, lowering your cost of goods sold making you more competitive and more profitable.

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