By Gerry St Jean Columbia Tech Quality Audit and Training Manager

Columbia Tech embraces quality as the critical requirement in meeting customer expectations; our dynamic quality system is how we supply great product time and time again. The demand we place on ourselves to continually make quality product is recognized throughout the industry; it is what attracts new customers and keeps our tried and true customers on board even during the challenging economic times from which we are just now emerging.

Our quality policy is the springboard we use to ask each of our associates to think of the ways they need to do their job; this in turn helps Columbia Tech continually meet or exceed our quality standards. In order to maintain and then grow our success each of us realizes we have a part to play; each of us is critical to Columbia Tech’s success as a whole! We continually look to our managers to review our quality policy with their associates making sure everyone understands how each individual impacts our process; to help everyone appreciates how each action performed affects not only the quality of the product but the expectation of quality our customers have come to expect and rely upon.

“Columbia Tech will supply results that will meet or exceed mutually defined expectations; strive to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System; comply with all applicable standards, statutory and regulatory requirements.”

Our quality policy is posted in every building as well as applied to the back of every associate’s badge. Quality is not easily attained; it can be lost in a heartbeat so we continually post and review our policy making sure that every Columbia Tech associate realizes that fulfilling customer expectations by producing quality product is what our jobs really are about.

About the Author: Gerry St. Jean is A Columbia Tech Quality and Audit Manager