Refrigeration Tech

Columbia Tech provides engineering design, manufacturing, global fulfillment and aftermarket services to innovation leaders in the life-science, pharmaceutical, bio-discovery, alternative energy, semiconductor, power management, LED, medical device, data storage, defense, homeland security and digital and molecular imaging industries.

Full Service Refrigeration Technology Development

Columbia Tech can design, engineer, manufacture and service equipment that requires refrigeration technology including systems that are multi-staged, use programmable logic controllers (PLC), or automated systems. Columbia Tech has mechanical, electrical, and software engineers; Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Certified refrigeration mechanics; and PLC experts on staff. With their combined experience and extensive physical plant, Columbia Tech can design, engineer, manufacture, and service your company’s product taking it from Concept to Commercialization, or providing any part thereof.

Refrigeration and Environmental Chamber Field Support Services

Columbia Tech provides refrigeration field support including refrigeration preventative maintenance programs, refrigeration repair, and refrigeration engineering support services. Columbia Tech is known for its expertise servicing complex refrigeration systems and components and including those with PLC, automated controls and other highly technical refrigeration systems such as cascade systems.

Providing break and fix on demand maintenance for environmental chambers environmental chambers in the North East, such as those used for Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS), is a Columbia Tech core competency.

Outsource your Refrigeration Technology Development and Support to Us

Columbia Tech provides refrigeration design, engineering, manufacturing, and field support services for the medical, consumer, industrial, HASS testing, and food processing industries. Columbia Tech is experienced with mechanical and cryogenic refrigeration systems, cascade refrigeration, multi-staged refrigeration, refrigeration with PLC, refrigeration with automated controls, refrigeration with mechanical controls, and refrigeration systems that have humidity control systems. In other words, Columbia Tech is the source for your complex refrigeration design, engineering, manufacturing and field support service requirements.

From Concept to Commercialization, you can trust Columbia Tech with all of your design, engineering, prototyping, capital equipment contract manufacturing, logistic, field support and refurbishment requirements Columbia Tech provides Concept to Commercialization services to entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies and all segments in between. With each of those segments Columbia Tech has earned a reputation for dependability, versatility, and quality. Success has been the result of Columbia Tech’s ability to establish a close partnership that generates significant value and ROI for each client. What are your organizations needs? How can Columbia Tech help you achieve your objectives?

What can Columbia Tech do for you?

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