Columbia Tech provides comprehensive product development and manufacturing services to OEMs in the robotics technology and high speed automation industries, including high-density labware handling systems, automated warehousing equipment, automated assembly systems, gantry systems and much more.

Columbia Tech is a leading provider of engineering, prototyping, design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA), Scaled Product Launch™ (SPL), contract manufacturing, logistics, and aftermarket services for the robotics industry. Our experienced and dedicated team will work with you from the early product development stages through product launch and global fulfillment. While you and your team focus on developing new, innovative robotic and automation equipment, you can trust the Caring Associates at Columbia Tech to provide world-class supply chain management, manufacturing and assembly services, and global fulfillment via an established network of commercialization specialists.


Columbia Tech offers a wide range of product development and contract manufacturing services to meet your time-to-market initiatives. By leveraging our global network of established supply chain relationships and world-class processes, our team can significantly decrease the time it takes to move your product to market. We utilize a comprehensive product development and manufacturing model that gives you a competitive advantage by bringing your product to market ahead of the competition. At Columbia Tech, we believe in Time to Market at WARP SPEED™. Our team of Caring Associates is trained to compliantly produce fully tested sub-modules; benchtop devices; and large, integrated robotic systems all within our world class, ISO-registered facilities.

Columbia Tech specializes in the development and production of complex robotic and automated equipment for a variety of applications including automated warehousing equipment, portable coordinate measuring machines (CMM), high-density labware handling systems, and automated, non-microbial cell culture instruments.

Our team of Caring Associates will engage directly with your engineering team via a multiphase product development process that includes collaborative co-builds. This ensures that all necessary information is transferred and that all tribal knowledge is collected and clearly documented. Experienced engineers provide guidance to identify areas in which testing will be most beneficial to the product and to operational efficiency.

Columbia Tech also has the capability to design and manufacture custom test equipment as part of a detailed quality-assurance process. This includes in-depth, quality acceptance forms that represent our commitment to creating reliable work instruction documentation. We follow a company-wide 6S/Lean manufacturing strategy emphasizing efficiency in every stage of the manufacturing process to help eliminate costs from day one. Our team of Caring Associates is dedicated to providing you with trusted, turnkey commercialization services and promises reliable consistency and repeatable results—each of which is instrumental to ensuring rapid time to market.

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In an industry where transparent cost modeling, world-class quality and lean manufacturing are everyday expectations, we believe a core differentiating aspect of our business centers around our culture. Positive attitudes, treating people with respect and delivering an unmatched friendly, flexible and personalized client experience is what we strive for every day. It is something that others simply cannot replicate overnight. It’s a full team commitment and we will never stop iterating and improving.

Chris Coghlin

President and CEO




Over 130 years of product development and manufacturing expertise has prepared Columbia Tech to take your robotic and automation equipment from concept to commercialization. Columbia Tech has been developing, manufacturing and globally fulfilling a diverse range of robotics technologies and automation equipment for decades.

Recent robotics development & manufacturing programs:

  • Automated warehousing equipment
  • Portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM)
  • Automated bartending and barback devices
  • High-density labware handling system
  • Automated, non-microbial cell culture instruments


Columbia Tech’s robotic technology and automation equipment contract manufacturing capabilities are virtually limitless. From subassemblies and benchtop modules to turnkey builds of some of the world’s most complex robotic systems, Columbia Tech is the leader in high-quality, rapid, scalable manufacturing services. With more than 400 professionals known as Caring Associates, our in-house capabilities support every aspect of the concept-to-commercialization process, including validation rules, prototype and pilot production, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, systems design, software development, printed circuit board (PCB) development, PCB assembly, Scaled Product Launch (SPL), DFM, testing, and scalable contract manufacturing in a rigid ISO environment. For a more comprehensive list, click here.


Columbia Tech produces products to the latest IPC workmanship standards and is registered to ISO 9001. Columbia Tech has a relentless commitment to customer focus, leadership, process, continuous improvement, and the leveraging of mutually beneficial global supplier relationships. Multiple cleanroom facilities are also in place to ensure all clean-sensitive modules are properly accommodated. Click here to view Columbia Tech’s certifications.

For robotic product development and contract manufacturing opportunities requiring FDA compliance and services, please visit Cogmedix.

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