Scaled Product Launch™

Columbia Tech’s mission is to help capital equipment innovators become global leaders by successfully launching new products with unmatched flexibility, speed, transparency, collaboration, and process adherence.

Bring New Products to Market with Unmatched Flexibility, Compliance and Speed

Scaled Product Launch™ (SPL) is Columbia Tech’s proprietary reinvention of the New Product Introduction (NPI) process. It is a well-documented phase gate approach to successfully launching new products with speed, accuracy, efficiency, and intense collaboration. It incorporates all aspects of a product launch cycle leveraging key organizational resources and stringent process adherence to ensure efficient and successful product launches time after time. The process is designed to diligently and expeditiously manage the transfer of programs from our internal design team, external design teams, OEM customers, or from companies that have been acquired or merged. Columbia Tech has created a special forces team of experts to carry out our SPL™ missions so the day a product is launched in manufacturing nothing is left to chance.

Decades of Experience Streamlines the Product Launch Process

Most often, products fail to launch due to unidentified risks that lead to supply chain issues and the propagation of holes in engineering and manufacturability. Decades of successful product launches gives Columbia Tech the advantage, prompting our team of Caring Associates to develop the proprietary SPL™ process. By prioritizing focus at the beginning of development, a disciplined SPL™ process reduces the overall cost, effort and time required to bring a product to market.

Columbia Tech’s in-depth SPL™ process is specifically designed to expose and address manufacturing issues before they become costly. The underlying goal is to improve on existing NPI processes which can become disorganized when the transfer of information between development stages is not consistent. Columbia Tech has logged countless successful product launches with their process, each with well-documented results and positive customer feedback. With SPL™, nothing gets missed—the process has proven to bring customer products to market with no unexpected setbacks at the fastest possible speed.

In an industry where transparent cost modeling, world-class quality and lean manufacturing are everyday expectations, we believe a core differentiating aspect of our business centers around our culture. Positive attitudes, treating people with respect and delivering an unmatched friendly, flexible and personalized client experience is what we strive for every day. It is something that others simply cannot replicate overnight. It’s a full team commitment and we will never stop iterating and improving. We call it Commercialization Personalized™.
Chris Coghlin

President and CEO

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How It Works

When a customer approaches Columbia Tech with a new product design, we engage closely with them to build a solid understanding of their exact goals and timeline. A dedicated team performs a thorough review of the customer’s full documentation package and will work with the customer’s design and engineering departments to ensure all relevant information is successfully transferred.

The SPL™ system is designed as a phase-gate approach. Each step of the process is documented and reviewed before it moves forward. 
The entire SPL™ process is overseen by our Vice President of Successful Product Launches, who manages a team of experts. Our experts support the entire launch throughout the process’s various steps. Every phase has its own checklist that demands individual accountability from members in each respective department. This ensures the product progresses in sync and that the source of any delay is addressed immediately.
The checklist must be approved by department managers who review progress to ensure all prerequisites are met before it proceeds to the next phase.
Process information is maintained as a single, unified document that compiles interdepartmental progress and priorities. Specialized SPL™ success teams maintain departmental ownership so that every step is accounted for. Teams are assigned based on their areas of expertise and will continue with the project until it is completed.

SPL™ Core Competencies and Capabilities

The five main focus points of the SPL™ process are flexibility, transparency, timely response, collaboration, and communication. Customers are regularly surveyed to ensure total satisfaction in each of these areas. The entire process is supported by a dedicated SPL™ team with years of experience bringing new products to market. Using the collaborative, phase-gate approach, every department is able to work together, maintain accountability, and resolve any issues as soon as they become apparent. SPL™ has been a successful driving force in helping to launch a variety of innovative equipment, such as:

  • Automated warehousing systems
  • Ultra-connected, smart communications infrastructure
  • Hard and soft tissue dental laser systems
  • Identity authentication equipment
  • Human emulation systems
  • Smart, containerized farms
  • Food and beverage automation systems
  • 3D printing solutions
A strict revision-control process ensures that any changes to the production process are documented, accessed and reviewed. Keeping the process transparent prevents any communication barriers from developing between stages; critical tribal knowledge is passed throughout each stage of development.

Nearly every manufacturing company provides NPI services. Columbia Tech’s approach to successfully launching products with SPL™ improves exponentially on the existing NPI process with a clear, consistent methodology of documentation and departmental accountability. With support from our SPL™ team, customers can approach the launch of their innovative capital equipment to market with confidence.

Columbia Tech’s SPL™ process will ensure your product launches ahead of the competition, every time.

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