See Science Center EventSupporting scientific innovation is a part of the everyday passion that drives Columbia Tech’s Caring Associates. Last week, Columbia Tech associates attended a volunteer fundraiser hosted by Dean Kamen to benefit the SEE Science Center in Manchester, New Hampshire. The event, held at Mr. Kamen’s home, was a wonderful opportunity to support an important educational initiative. His home, dubbed Westwind, is a hexagonal shed-style mansion resembling a museum littered with inventions, artwork, and other mechanical curiosities.

Scientific Discovery: The SEE Science Center

The SEE Science Center, dedicated in 1986, is an interactive learning facility where visitors of all ages garner hands-on experience and knowledge in physics, light, sound, electricity, mechanics, and more. It was voted “Best Place to Take Your Kids in Manchester” by the Best of Reader’s Poll 2015. With workshops, daily demonstrations and outreach programs for local schools and summer camps, the SEE Science Center does its part to bring the wonder of scientific innovation into the lives of its visitors.

Bringing Scientific Discovery to Life with DEKA Founder, Dean Kamen

The event was hosted by Dean Kamen, best known for saving hundreds of lives by creating an at-home dialysis system that allowed patients to be treated daily, as well as being the inventor of the Segway. In 1982, Dean founded the DEKA Research & Development Corporation, which focuses on the development of radical new technologies. DEKA centers on the design and development of innovative, scientific ideas, while Coghlin Companies and Columbia Tech brings those radial concepts to life through a slurry of engineering and manufacturing commercialization initiatives. It was truly an honor to be a part of a night filled with so many brilliant visionaries supporting an educational facility that regularly inspires young minds to bring further innovations to the world of science and technology.

Ryan Mannion

Business Development Specialist