Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Contract Manufacturing Success Story

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Design for Manufacturability - Contract manufacturing success story - varian

Varian is a global designer and manufacturer of semiconductor processing equipment used in the fabrication of integrated circuits. The product is a facilities frame for semiconductor fabricating tools encompassing multiple large welded metal frames, complex electrical wire harnesses, several pressurized air and water lines, and numerous analog and digital controllers. Varian’s business was growing and they needed to increase volume given a rapid increase of demand for their high current tool.

A Challenging Contract Manufacturing Transition

Varian contacted Coghlin Companies to discuss immediate transition of the entire assembly from a previous supplier to Coghlin Companies’ contract manufacturing division, Columbia Tech. It was expensive complex machinery that Varian didn’t want to send overseas. The assembly that Coghlin Companies supplies for Varian is used in all of their high current fabrication tools and is installed by Varian at the beginning of their in-house proprietary integration process. Without this assembly, Varian cannot build its high current fabrication tool.

Coghlin Companies had not built this product before and the previous supplier would not, or was unable to transfer vital assembly process documentation to Coghlin Companies in a timely fashion. The project was high risk because there was no way to assure continuity of assembly or the required flawless quality, let alone on-time delivery to Varian. Was Coghlin Companies up to the task? How rapidly could Coghlin Companies scale up?

A Successful Co-Build Partnership Approach

Coghlin Companies immediately initiated a co-build in their Worcester facility to quickly understand and assume responsibility for the product being transitioned. A Coghlin Companies team of senior assemblers worked with Varian’s assemblers to build the first two units while Coghlin Companies’ engineering team observed the initial build in order to develop manufacturing process drawings. Simultaneously, Coghlin Companies’ materials team worked with Varian to take charge of all existing component and fabricated item purchase orders. Coghlin Companies reviewed the customer’s forecast for the product and adjusted appropriately assuring a steady delivery of components to support ongoing assembly. Coghlin Companies quality assurance personnel teamed along with Varian’s QA staff and conducted First Article Inspections on the finished assembly. Within two weeks Coghlin Companies was able to rapidly ramp up to deliver eight to ten of these complex assemblies per month to Varian. Varian was able to continually meet forecasted demand and meet their clients demand while transitioning this build from one supplier to another.

Setting our Client up for Success in Future Manufacturing Efforts

In this engagement, Coghlin Companies supplied component sourcing, purchasing, capital equipment contract manufacturing, product testing, and logistics. Additionally, Coghlin Companies set up documents, controls, processes, and test inspections, so future equipment will be built with absolute precision. Coghlin Companies succeeded because once again they were able to help a Coghlin Companies client grow and profit.

From Concept to Commercialization, you can trust Coghlin Companies with all of your design, engineering, proto-typing, capital equipment contract manufacturing, logistic, field support and refurbishment requirements. Coghlin Companies provides Concept to Commercialization services to entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies and all segments in between. With each of those segments Coghlin Companies has earned a reputation for dependability, versatility, and quality. Success has been the result of Coghlin Companies’ ability to establish a close partnership that generates significant value and ROI for each client. What are your organization’s needs? How can Coghlin Companies help you achieve your objectives?

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