Spare Parts Management

Columbia Tech has a core competency of managing clients’ spare parts and deploying them globally within 24-hour notice. Using established relationships with suppliers, clients receive competitive pricing on all core items.

Clients Leverage Columbia Tech’s Global Pricing & ERP System

In addition to Columbia Tech’s proven design, engineering, and capital equipment contract manufacturing services, Columbia Tech has a core competency of managing clients’ Spare Parts and deploying them globally within 24 hour notice. Because Columbia Tech purchases components to produce products on behalf of its OEM customer base, Columbia Tech receives global based competitive pricing on all core items contained in those products. We have established relationships and communication channels with all parts suppliers of our client’s products.

We then work with our clients to identify the parts in their product most likely to wear and corrode over time. Once appropriate quantities of those are mutually determined, Columbia Tech establishes an agreement containing customer indemnification of these parts as well as minimum and maximum levels of said parts to retain on-hand as well as in the supply chain. Columbia Tech’s custom-tailored ERP system manages the procurement of these parts within preset parameters. The end result is preventing our clients from ever having to worry about tending to a spare part shortage.

Product and Spare Parts Ordered Simultaneously

By placing spare parts orders simultaneously with a production order, Columbia Tech is able to collectively leverage and optimize production volume pricing through the qualified supply chain. This process enables parts being available for 24/7 deployment to locations designated by our customers such as service depots or direct ship locations, and also generates additional significant margin opportunities for Columbia Tech clients. Spare parts management agreements with Columbia Tech are well defined and offer tremendous flexibility, as Columbia Tech has a solid understanding of the seasonal peaks and valleys associated with spare part management, and the overall unpredictability of when components will truly need to be replaced as a result of intermittent usage and wear and tear trends.

Spare Parts Management

Columbia Tech fulfills spare parts to OEM customers globally and has a tremendous track record of exceeding the defined expectations as defined in customer agreements. Columbia Tech realizes that downtime can be extremely costly to you and your customers, so the flexible programs are custom tailored to limit any disruption to machine productivity.

No matter the size, shape, or type of part you are looking to have fulfilled by Columbia Tech, you can trust our 24 hour global deployment program. From Concept to Commercialization Columbia Tech are ready to work with you.

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