Turnkey Welding Services

Columbia Tech is dedicated to quality welding with highly trained associates who work safely and have the knowledge and processes in place to support this important assembly method.

Why use Columbia Tech as a Certified Welding Partner?

Columbia Tech can show its customers that our team has the training, knowledge, and experience to do the welding correctly the first time. By training our welders, Columbia Tech illustrates that our organization is dedicated to quality welding and has taken the time, and invested the capital, to ensure that its associates are trained to standards, working safely, and have the knowledge and processes in place to support this important assembly method.

Formal welding certification also enhances the image of our company as professional and responsible. With customers like Raytheon and Rolls-Royce, they can be assured that our organization meets and exceeds the welding code on all work performed.

Here are a few samples of fabricated metals produced and/or welded by Columbia Tech for companies such as Raytheon, Woods Hole, and the Institute for Exploration.

Titanium hydraulic control box

Titanium hydraulic control box in one of the ROV’s on Dr. Ballard’s research ship for the Institute For Exploration

Reemus 6000 Klein

Reemus 6000 and Klein 300 Side Scan Sonar welded in a water bath

While turnkey welding services are preferred, Columbia Tech offers welding services on components supplied by its customer as well. Columbia Tech certifies the welds to appropriate standards as well, enabling other suppliers the opportunity to control their own internal process and use Columbia Tech as a strategic source for their certified welding needs.


What can Columbia Tech do for you?

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