Tim Briggs
Director of Program Operations

Verifying the Results of Customer Feedback

As the Director of Program Operations at Cogmedix, a medical device equipment manufacturer, it is important that my team and I are able to confirm that we are fully aligned with our customer needs. Customer alignment is not only highlighted in our Quality Policy, as we are driven to “supply results that meet or exceed mutually defined expectations”, but is also how Cogmedix develops many new partnerships, based on the referrals and ratings we receive from our existing customer base.

Over the last 5 years, through feedback received from our customer satisfaction surveys, Cogmedix has maintained a 100% referable rating from our existing customers! That rating is something the entire Cogmedix team is proud of as our Caring Associates continue to bring numerous OEM medical technologies to life. It is not an achievement that my team and I take for granted and we continue to evaluate how we obtain our customer feedback and opportunities for improvement to deliver the best medical equipment manufacturing to the industry.

With these thoughts in mind my team and I will begin to leverage Peter Rizzo, Cogmedix’s Manager of Positive Client Relations, to verify our feedback with our existing customers. With our Program Management team so involved in the day to day activities, it allows an outside perspective to communicate with our valued customers and ask questions of how can Cogmedix improve. I see this process as verifying that with my team being so involved in the details and daily execution, we still see the whole forest and not just the trees!

I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Peter as new business opportunities are presented to make sure the initial solution the Cogmedix team offers is best aligned with our customer needs. With differing skill sets, backgrounds, and perspectives we often ask different questions to the same problem, which results in better answers. I am very excited to partner with Peter as part of this process and ask our existing customers new questions and continue to improve our customer feedback process.

I am a firm believer that all processes needed to be continually evaluated for improvement, even if you are getting excellent results. Often people wait for the results to change before evaluating areas of improvement, but in order to stay ahead we always have to challenge the status quo.