Ryan Mannion
Business Development Specialist

Recently, the Mass Technology Leadership Council (MassTLC) hosted a seminar at the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge, MA, exploring the future of the manufacturing industry in regard to robotics and automation. This event allowed industry peers to connect and discuss current trends in industrial robotics and automation, explore the manufacturers’ points of view, and highlight new industries and business models fueled by robotics and automation.

The following professionals, including Coghlin Companies’ Senior Vice President of Sales and Strategy, Bill Laursen, were in attendance to share their expertise:

  • Rethink RoboticsBrian Benoit spoke about the future of robotics and automation in the factory and, specifically, the use of collaborative robots with humans.

  • Coghlin CompaniesBill Laursen addressed the manufacturing perspective of robotics and automation. His insight showed processes that would allow someone to understand what goes into the scaling of their product for manufacturing.

  • ArtaicTed Acworth explained his take on mass customization and how we can use robotics and automation to make it a viable option across many industries moving forward.

  • Acorn Product DevelopmentJon Appleby spent his time reviewing robotics and automation from an engineering standpoint and what could be expected for someone looking to make a product ready for manufacturing.

  • DeloitteAlison Lands and Mark Price provided great insight on the growth and innovation of manufacturing in New England and how manufacturers can act as a catalyst for the robotics and automation industries.

MA combines robotics and automation innovation with a tradition of world-class manufacturing, making it the perfect place for robotics engineers and manufacturers to collaborate and bring cutting-edge technology to the world. This event was a great resource that allowed all parties to get together in a common space and share their education and relationships with each other. Collectively, they helped stimulate the robotics and automation ecosystem in New England.