The Coghlin Companies family lost a co-worker and friend.  Phil Boisseau, one of our drivers and a Coghlin associate since 2004, passed away in his sleep Wednesday night. Below are some wonderful quotes about Phil from his friends and co-workers.

The Coghlin Companies are successful because of 4 Groups of people:
Phil Boisseau was the Model Caring Associate. A Man with Integrity, a strong work ethic, a Team Player and a person who genuinely CARED for his fellow man and particularly for his fellow associates here at the Coghlin Companies. Personally I feel Blessed to have Been a Teammate with Phil.
May Phil’s Memory Be Eternal
May God Be Good To Phil
May Phil Rest In Peace!
– Jim Coghlin Sr

Phil was a caring associate whom we loved and respected so much.  He embodied the words WHATEVER IT TAKES … a very helpful and caring human being with a very positive attitude. We will miss him dearly.
– Chris Coghlin

Phil was a man of high integrity, a huge heart and always eager to please… whenever we looked for an extra hand at the Coghlin Companies or within the 15-40 Connection, Phil was always the first to volunteer, and with enthusiasm.  He will be sorely missed.
– Jim Coghlin

Phil was one of those rare individuals you meet that seemed to be here to help; help  anyone and everyone with whatever it was they needed help with. He always had a smile and met a challenging request with a positive attitude.  Phil will be missed by all who had the pleasure to work with him.
– Bob Brunelle

He was always smiling, optimistic and just ready and available to help.
– Eugenia Stein

Phil always had a smile on his face and a nice word to say!  A genuine good guy you liked to be around.  Our Coghlin “family” was lucky to have him in our lives. He will be gone, but not forgotten.
– Nora Leonard

Also known as Uncle Phil. He was loved by all of us and very passionate about his job here.  I will miss him a whole bunch – he was my bud!
– Melissa Fox

I referred to him as Uncle Phil. He was such a sweet guy who always made sure my day was going well whenever I saw him. He was such a hard worker and great friend! He will be greatly missed!
– Ashley Mitchell

Phil had a great sense of humor, and was always asking if his co-workers and company were doing well.
– Pete Zinkus

Phil was a great man who was dedicated to his job and loved his family. He will be missed and my heart goes out to his family.
– Ken Baldez

I am so lucky to have known a man as kind and wonderful as Phil. The times we spent together at the warehouse on month end was always filled with lots of laughter and usually included Phil going back out to the trucks one more time to check for a missing packing slip or two. (Even when he wasn’t asked to and well after everyone else had gone home.) That’s just the kind of guy Phil was; always willing to lend a hand to others; no matter what. I no longer go there for month end so seeing each other at building 17 on occasion had become a very special treat for both of us; I will sincerely miss these surprise visits. The company trucks will never be the same without the friendly smile, wave and occasional beep of the horn from Phil. CT is more than a place to work; it’s a place you meet family members God forgot to give you at birth!  Rest in Peace Little Phil; you will be missed.
– Holly Corliss

Phil was a nice, nice man.  He worked hard, was reliable as the day is long, and was always willing to do “whatever it took.”  He was a great help during preparations for the Mark & David Ungerer Charity Golf Tournament, volunteering his off-work hours to help out.  “Just call me, tell me what you need.” I somehow think the world is a little less good today but Heaven is a whole lot better.
– Susan Cyr

My limited exposure to him was that he was incredible kind and thoughtful and a bit of a ‘jokester’.  He was involved with the Ungerer Tournment…helped us with the goody bag pallets.  What a loss for his family and friends…my sympathies.
– Kathleen Dunlee

I saw Phil smiling all the time and was a man who was always willing to help, in or out of work.
He will be missed.
– Gerry St. Jean

I worked with him at the warehouse for a few years.  He was very good to us and a very good father to his children. He also talked to us about his grandson – he was so happy to have him in his life. I will miss him a lot.
– Zhaneta Celo

If I had to describe Phil with only a few words in terms of what he meant to us here at the warehouse, it would be that he was the glue that held us together because he was always here for everyone, and that he cared so much both professionally and personally for the entire team.  He will be greatly missed and fondly remembered.
– Denis Fiorentino

I worked with Phil for a very long time at the warehouse.  We talked about our families, his daughters, grandson and granddaughter.  He had just started taking his grandson fishing and had good quality time with him. He was a very proud family man.  He was such a gentleman with the women at the warehouse. He was always the last to leave if a woman was waiting for her ride home – he made sure they stayed safe until they were picked up.
– Kathy Cenko

It was always a pleasure to work with Phil. He always had a sense of humor that even though he would be asked to make a delivery late in the  day, he would show up with a smile and ask if we needed anything else before he leaves for the day. He was very dedicated. He will be missed by all of us.
-Bob Lopriore

Rest in Peace Phil


From all your friends at

Coghlin Companies

October 5, 2012