By Matt Giza, Vice President and General Manager of Cogmedix

SQACogmedix’s Director of Quality and Compliance, Scott Cook, spent 2013 at the helm of the Society of Quality Assurance, overseeing the organization as its president, smoothly managing the post in addition to his duties at Cogmedix. During Scott’s tenure the SQA held a very successful conference in Indianapolis, planned the global conference for Las Vegas and a held a Quality College in Raleigh with a focus on vendor qualification and technology tools to improve Quality Assurance programs.

In his final letter to the SQA community, Scott thanked the members and wrote, “As I reflect on our accomplishments in 2013, what I am most proud of is the participation and involvement from everyone in our society. What I wanted to see was action from our membership, and the review of the year shows that you exceeded my expectations.”

As a firm that manufacturers FDA-compliant medical devices, we know firsthand the benefits a strong Quality Assurance program can yield for our customers. Scott is a key member of our team, directing our Quality and Compliance efforts and we support his commitment to working with his fellow QA professionals to develop best practices. We believe that when we act responsibly and encourage others to do so as well, we all do better.

Read Scott’s final letter to SQA members to learn more about his accomplishments as the President of SQA.