It’s already the end of July – where did the time go?  I don’t want to say “where did the summer go” because we still have several weeks of summer left to have fun!!

As a kid out of school for the summer we all remember how summer lasted “forever” in our little minds.  Welcome to the real world…where time flies when you’re having fun!  As I’ve blogged about previously, the associates of Coghlin Companies have many good times throughout the year.  It’s fun to connect with work friends about their weekend plans or an upcoming vacation.  If you’re heading to the beach, we pray for lots of sunshine and little traffic.  Many of us have the “summer glow” from being out in the sun (always use your sunscreen!) while others hide under big hats and shady trees.  Either way, we still enjoy being outside.

I am having lunch at Meola’s Dairy with some of the girls at work in the near future – what is summer if you can’t make a meal out of ice cream at least once??  And, speaking of ice cream, our highly valued warehouse associates recently enjoyed “cool” treats from the ice cream truck!  In the high 80’s and low 90 degree weather we’ve been having, our passionate warehouse associates have been working up a sweat!  The ice cream truck was recently sent to our Global Fulfillment Center in Shrewsbury where all warehouse associates got to enjoy complimentary ice cream and a chance to cool off and have a little fun during work.  It’s always good to “mix it up” and I’m sure they enjoyed it!

I know some of you probably haven’t enjoyed the very hot weather that is upon us, but hey, it sure beats the alternative!  Remember the cold, snowy days??

No matter what the rest of your summer holds for fun, do it carefully and be safe!

Enjoy your day!

Nora Leonard
Executive Assistant