On July 10, 2014, the morning news reported 7 people were killed and another 40 displaced when a fire raged through an apartment building in Lowell, Mass.

Upon arriving at work, associates at Columbia Tech in Westborough, Mass. were shocked and saddened to learn their co-worker, Lowell, lived in that building and, though he made it out safely, lost everything he owned. His supervisor took immediate action and began collecting donations from Lowell’s co-workers in the Production and Warehouse Groups. To expand the reach company-wide, he also sent an email informing all our caring associates of the tragedy. Donations of cash, checks and gift cards came in from all locations and all divisions of the Coghlin Companies… many from people who do not personally know Lowell but who simply care and feel the pain of a fellow associate who lost everything. As we were preparing to wrap up the fundraising effort, one more donation came in – a match from the Coghlin family which sent us soaring to 167.75% of our goal!

But the story doesn’t end there. Several caring associates have come forward offering to donate furniture, one of whom has a significant number of furnishings in storage. As soon as Lowell finds a place to call his own, five of his co-workers will load up their trucks and deliver everything to him. He will have beds, couches, tables, dishes, and more – things most of us take for granted but that will make a world of difference to someone forced to start over.

The Coghlin Companies take pride in their caring associates, and this latest example where a group of people took it upon themselves to help one of their own is exactly the reason why.