Containerized Systems

Columbia Tech provides engineering design, manufacturing, global fulfillment and aftermarket services to innovation leaders in the life-science, pharmaceutical, bio-discovery, alternative energy, semiconductor, power management, LED, medical device, data storage, defense, homeland security and digital and molecular imaging industries.
Modular containerized systems offer a scalable and flexible manufacturing solution for capital equipment. Columbia Tech is a leader in engineering and manufacturing containerized systems, including one of the largest containerized data center manufacturing and engineering projects in history for a Fortune 500 tech client. With experience in power generation, data storage, defense, water treatment, agriculture, telecom, healthcare, and industrial sectors, Columbia Tech has the capability to deliver your container-based system from concept to commercialization. Columbia Tech’s deep bench of engineering talent, robust manufacturing processes, and strong purchasing power allow the accelerated time-to-market deployment of your containerized systems. Columbia Tech can help employ modular architecture to build an integrated, highly portable plug-and-play component system. As a client, companies may choose to engage Columbia Tech’s services for complete lifecycle management of a product or any segment therein, including initial design, product engineering, design for manufacturability (DFM), contract manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and global field support.

Containerized System Manufacturing is Precise, Scalable, and Cost-Effective

Companies wanting to develop their products as containerized systems typically understand that containerized systems built in a controlled, process-orientated manufacturing facility ensure scalable, modular production with superior results. Product design is treated as a collaborative effort between the client and Columbia Tech engineers who are experienced in designing containerized systems, including DFM and modularity considerations. Prototyping is typically performed at the facility where the formal product launch will take place once all prototyping and piloting is completed, eliminating the disruption that can occur as a result of moving product builds from one location to another. As additional engineering requirements arise as a result of ECO traffic common to new product launches, assigned engineers will be onsite to deal with issues real-time as to not disrupt a successful product launch while a market opportunity exists. Under this scenario, build issues are remediated immediately and documentation is updated and released “real-time”. All manufacturing is completed in an environment that is controlled and process-orientated for maximum efficiency.

Once manufacturing is complete, containerized systems are incredibly portable. A single-unit containerized system or a multiple-container system can be easily shipped to locations all over the world via our customer’s carrier of choice. Once onsite, the time it takes to install a containerized system is significantly reduced, inherent in its design, and the installation or integration can frequently be done by lower-skilled labor saving time and money. Also, containerized products can easily be de-installed, moved to other locations, and then re-installed with great cost efficiency allowing super flexibility to companies who acquire containerized solutions.

Containerized Systems for Data Centers, Farming, Defense, and Other Complex Applications

Agricultural Containerized Systems

After recognizing the financial and environmental costs of transporting produce, consumers are demanding fresh, local produce at reasonable costs. This is driving some farming from traditional fields to urban-based, sustainable agriculture in containerized systems. Freight Farms developed well architected technology to grow produce in 40-foot shipping containers known as Leafy Green Machines, which are sustainable, portable agricultural systems. Working with Columbia Tech, Freight Farms was able to standardize production and cost, formalize scalable production for their growing sales with a fixed cost solution, and focus on their next products and agricultural processes.

Data and IT Containerized Systems

Containerized data centers, also known as modular data centers or Clouds, enable organizations to rapidly deploy data center capacity anywhere data capacity and storage is needed. Containerized data centers also make the construction of traditional data centers less necessary as containerized centers are FAR less expensive and can be deployed in a fractional period of time, relatively speaking. As the manufacturer of one of the largest containerized modular data center projects ever produced, Columbia Tech has the skill sets required to help your firm rebuild your current containerized data center or design and build the next generation of containerized data centers based on key market input.

Military and Defense Containerized Systems

As we encounter new homeland defense challenges, military and defense containerized systems are becoming a more common solution. They provide enhanced mobility for faster deployment and speed is so very important for these applications. As systems become more complex, turnkey field integration and reliability are a de facto standard. As an ITAR-registered company with extensive experience in mobile defense solutions, Columbia Tech is ready to help your organization build containerized military and defense systems for up-to-date militaristic and homeland defense applications.

Energy-Related Containerized Systems

As facilities are upgraded to meet new energy demand or achieve energy efficiency, and the world moves toward a more evenly distributed power grid with locally produced energy, demand for containerized power-generation systems is growing significantly. Containerized power-generation systems are less expensive to build, more reliable, typically require less permitting, are easier to install onsite, and can be located inside or outside a physical plant. Columbia Tech has worked with leading companies to design, engineer, manufacture, ship, and support many different types of energy-related equipment. Contact Columbia Tech today to reduce your time to market and produce your containerized power generation systems in a scalable manner at a pre-established cost.

Water Treatment Containerized Systems

Water treatment is a growing market; containerized water treatment systems will be a significant part of the next generation of solutions. Single- or multiple-module containerized systems can be integrated on site for desalination, decontamination of ballast water on a ship, purification of drinking water, or extraction of water from sewerage to provide drinking water and sanitized solid mass for use as energy. Columbia Tech has experience in designing, prototyping, providing DFM documentation, contract manufacturing, delivering, and providing field support for these types of advanced systems. Contact Columbia Tech to discuss how to bring your technology to market at WARP SPEED™ and produce it in the quantities you need when orders hit, with great speed, reliability and cost effectiveness.

Industrial Processing Containerized Systems

The next generation of industrial processing equipment is migrating toward containerized solutions, enabling process standardization and the ability to conduct industrial processing where and when it is required at a lower cost, while retaining the potential to move and utilize containerized processing systems in new locations as needs arise. Columbia Tech builds sophisticated systems on behalf of venture capital backed entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies. Is your intellectual property ready to be re-packaged and brought to market with a containerized solution? Contact Columbia Tech to reduce your time to market, ensure consistent quality of your product, and build your product in a totally scalable ISO registered environment.

Container-Based Systems from Concept to Commercialization

What containerized systems will you develop and bring to market with Columbia Tech? Columbia Tech is ready to provide the support you require: design, engineering, DFM and contract manufacturing, as well as transport, installation, and field support. If accelerated time to market, world class quality, scalable production, and upfront knowledge of the cost to produce your product is important to you-contact Columbia Tech today. From entrepreneurial startups to established Fortune 500 companies, Columbia Tech is helping companies bring their capital equipment products to market at WARP SPEED™.

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