Engineering Test Validation

Columbia Tech saves money for clients with engineering test services by validating computer control systems, power delivery distribution, and precise mechanical operations.

Existing or Custom Contract Manufacturing Testing Solutions

Columbia Tech is fully equipped and staffed to provide engineering test services validating computer control systems, power delivery distribution, and precise mechanical operations. Columbia Tech is prepared to utilize customer provided test fixtures, custom and commercial, or we can assist you with the design, engineering and manufacturing of specialized test equipment complemented with comprehensive testing plans and procedural documentation. Additionally, Columbia Tech has extensive National Instruments and Lab View development capabilities to meet any custom requirement.

Saving You Money with Our Engineering Test Services

Working with our customers, we can help determine the optimal balance of test coverage versus test cost for any project. Columbia Tech can manage the entire hardware and software development cycle providing invaluable assistance with test procedure deployment, verification processes and data collection. Developed internally, the Columbia Tech team has created, validated and released various protocols and numerous test platforms utilized virtually in all industry segments, including medical devices and products involving specialized RF technology.

Columbia Tech also provides:

  • Services for extended life cycle testing, MTBF analysis and ESS testing
  • Full turnkey test hardware and software development
  • Development of comprehensive test plans and process procedures
  • Complete functional testing and device validation processes
  • Simulated functional testing
  • Hi–Pot and Ground Bond Testing
  • Board level and system level functional test (AOI, X–Ray, In-Circuit, Flying Probe)
  • Reliability testing services
  • HASS and HALT Testing
  • Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)

What can Columbia Tech do for you?

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